Our quality policy is to deliver products and relevant services with zero defects, in time, every time to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Image InfoSystems, An ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified company, is focused on building products and solutions for the banking industry, based on state-of-the-art technologies for processing and settlement of transactions. The focus is also on open standards, formats and technologies to ensure easy integration with other products and applications by incorporating modularity, configurability and flexibility in product design and development.


With a state of the art development center in New Delhi and Regional Office in Mumbai and on-field software technical support personnel spread across the length and breadth of India, Image InfoSystems, with a total staff strength of more than 100, is poised for accelerated growth.

People are the main strength of Image InfoSystems. Below is a brief look at some of the key people instrumental in shaping the organization.

An entrepreneur, a down-to-earth sales person, a deal maker. Worked from the start for own enterprise – Vels Communication – one of the most successful resellers of MICR encoders in the market place. In over 25 years of work experience, has held progressively challenging roles in Sales and marketing. She is the driving force behind Image InfoSystems' market-leading technology and business vision. She is also responsible for sales development as well as developing global revenue strategies.

An entrepreneur, a visionary, a bundle of energy. Worked from the start for his own enterprise – Vels Communication, then worked for telecom billing Software Company – Suntec, and now Image InfoSystems. He is the go-getter in the team, makes contacts, nurtures them, creates deals, and always spots an opportunity. Keeps everyone “in” with it all the time. With a rich experience of more than 30 years, has played a key role in developing the company's business strategies and entry into various geographies.

An entrepreneur, a technical guy, a workaholic. Worked for HSBC, then his own enterprise – Sai Priya Consultants Private Limited, and now Image InfoSystems. The dreamer in the team, who conjures up the ideas that are translated into business scenarios to build solutions for. He designs, conceptualizes and predicts customer needs. Has more than 17 years of experience building and scaling enterprise products and solutions.

Has come on board with experience of over 30 years spread across multiple verticals. Has held Senior Management positions at Country, Regional and Global levels representing various multinational companies. Has the reputation of also having worked with several start up companies and grown them to great heights. His greatest strength has been to work with entrepreneurial passion and has now led him to join Image InfoSystems to live it and make it a Global Organisation with high level of professional standards.

Holding FCS, LLB, and ACA qualifications and having more than 15 years of experience in the field of Corporate Affairs, Legal and Financial matters. Served in various organizations heading Corporate/Secretarial, Legal and Finance departments. Having experience of managing IPO also. He is responsible for vetting company's legal affairs, including contracts, acquisitions, licensing agreements, business partnerships and privacy-related matters.

Seasoned industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in driving growth, strategy, and operations for leading companies such as Piaggio, HFCL and Intertoll India Consultants. Through his business acumen and experience, Mr Sharma has been steering the company's largest projects, constantly towards success - nationally & internationally.

MBA in Marketing, Diploma in German Language - Over 2 decades of experience in planning, sales & marketing, business development, global sourcing, key account management in diversified industries. Experienced in formulating & implementing marketing strategies & developing new market segments. An excellent planner and strategist with proven abilities in accelerating growth and generating customer loyalty levels. Adept at developing high volume dealers & distributors network for expanding business and exalting revenue growth. A consistent performer with an outstanding track record in sales, during the tenure. An effective communicator with proven abilities in conceptualizing and implementing sales promotional activities for creating product image & visibility.


Our values are the foundation of everything we do. Within our team, we urge our team members to treat others with respect thereby inspiring the trust of others. The team is motivated to uphold organizational values to be seen as a direct, truthful team.

We advise our team to present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate manner and be courageous to admit mistakes but act in a helpful manner. The team also has to keep their confidence and do not misrepresent themselves for personal gain. We believe that only by upholding their integrity and by keeping commitments can they come across as a widely trusted team.

Subject matter experts guide in developing team expertise. With a pool of industry veterans as advisors, Image InfoSystems has built subject matter knowledge within its development team to design, develop and implement state-of-the-art transaction processing systems for payment processing within the BFSI segment.

Further, the team members are groomed to be meticulous and efficient in meeting commitments. Delivery of enhancements, changes, customizations etc are always as per client requirements within the committed timeframe and cost budgets. Team members, particularly those handling technical support to end-customers, are trained to be persistent and calm in handling difficult situations.

Regular brainstorming and team building exercises are undertaken to build coordination, cooperation and team spirit in the teams in Image InfoSystems. Emphasis of these exercises are on working collaboratively to achieve goals set for the team, the product goals being kept in focus – to ensure that overall strategic organization goals are achieved. The leaders in the team and the top management actively implement and share best-practices – relevant to the industry and product technologies that the teams are working on – to ensure that Image InfoSystems inculcates best practices in all its products.


The team is trained to set and achieve challenging goals by being persistent in overcoming obstacles. Each employee of Image InfoSystems has to measure him/her self against standard of excellence periodically along with assessment from superiors. They are supported and guided to take calculated risks to accomplish goals – indvidual client project goals and overall product strategic goals.

Image InfoSystems follows a rigorous team selection process. Aptitude, logic and technology competence are the key criteria in an entrance test that all potentials are subject to, ensuring that a sound team with good basic technical knowledge and logic skills are only chosen to be part of the team. A strong technology focus is maintained throughout the team to ensure that latest technologies are adopted to the product core.

Constant Innovation and R&D - At the heart of our corporate strategy is constant innovation while striving to be a forerunner to always surprise and contribute to the development of software products for the technology hungry banking and financial industry. Creative problem solving with "best-practices" approach is used to generate effective solutions. We probe all possible sources and look beyond the obvious but do not stop at the first answers. We come up with a lot of unique ideas in brainstorming sessions which would tend to be seen as original.

Open Standards based Product development Strategy and a strategy of building all possible components in-house ensure that there is “No Dependence on any Third party components”. The philosophy is that our customers should enjoy full confidence in us and should not be bothered by third party vendors while running our applications. Hence we build all possible components in house and provide as far an end to end solution as possible. Product Roadmap – With features and functionality additions, ExpressClear product roadmap reflects a commitment to make the product “future proof” - to enable clients meet with changing transaction processing requirements.

Image InfoSystems maintains a strong BFSI vertical focus with solutions catering to Transaction processing for its customers. 100+ years cumulative experience in BFSI solution creation and selling of the promoters and management team add to this focus. With a mission to be the foremost player globally in payment processing for Banks, Image InfoSystems continues in its strive toward achieving this by designing and developing products for BFSI. As a achievement of this – as on date - almost all Banks in India are Customers for ECCS and 99% FY 2012 Revenues of the company was generated from the BFSI.



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